Children’s Information for this Sunday

Curriculum packets were mailed to families with students ages 4 to 6th grade. Preschool through 3rd graders should each have a 12-week curriculum folder and 4th-6th graders should have received a God’s Great Covenant workbook. Both of these options offer flexibility and an option for virtual, individual study, and/or a combination of both.

Preschool – 3rd grade
Please see the Saint Andrew’s Children’s Newsletter on Zoom link information for Sunday morning Children’s Chapel. If your child would like to join us this Sunday at 9:30AM and you do not already have the link, please email Rebecca.

4th grade to 6th grade
God’s Great Covenant: New Testament 2 Curriculum
This curriculum covers the book of Acts, written by Luke, shows us that the ministry of Jesus Christ has continued and even grown after His resurrection and His ascension into heaven. This book contains 32 weekly chapters divided into 5 themed units. Each week students will encounter the story of that week’s Bible verses, presented at a clear, elementary reading level. Every chapter contains a memory page that includes a Bible verse, key facts chart, and a segment titled “The Old Testament in the New Testament Revealed,” which encourages students and parents to discuss crossovers from Old Testament scriptures. “Unpack It Further” sections prompt students to think critically about the lesson and answer thought-provoking questions. Unit reviews contain a memory passage worksheet, a devotional guide, and a fun Truth Detectives dialogue.

This curriculum can be done by students by themselves or done in tandem with pre-taped videos led by Megan (above) that students can do on their own time.

Happy learning!