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Pentecost Sunday, May 31st, 2020

Day of Pentecost Bulletin

Morning Prayer

Children’s Chapel

Contemplative Worship with Taizé Music

Children’s Church Lesson

COVID-19 and Sunday Services: An Important Survey from Fr. Rich

Please click here to fill out an important survey from Fr. Rich about your thoughts on the process of reopening the church.  Click Here to view the Diocese Chart for Phased Approach for reopening of churches in our area.



Spirituality of Gardening with Christine Sine

One of the positive impacts of our current situation is that people are taking to gardening again and I know that many here are finding that this is a place of renewal, refreshment and intimacy with God. In some ways I think that gardening is the ultimate worship experience. I read about the story of God in the Bible but in the garden, I see it lived out. Every time I plant a seed, bury it in the ground and watch it spring into life, I feel I have entered into the life, death and resurrection of Christ. It is so hope giving. In response to this trend, I have recently created an online course called The Spirituality of Gardening.

This course includes video sessions with me, downloads of prayers and handouts for each session. There will also be Walk Through the Garden videos with guest gardeners; including Mother Danae Ashley who told me that she has been wowed by the experience.

The cost of the course is $29.99 for the next 2 weeks then $39.99. You may get a free preview of the whole course by going to We have really enjoyed putting this together and we hope that you enjoy it as well! Below you will find the course outline:

1. Welcome to the Spirituality of Gardening – FREE PREVIEW!
2. Gardening with God as a Spiritual Practice
3. Organic Gardening 101 – Gardening Basics Enliven Our Faith
4. Creating a Sacred Space in the Garden
5. Liturgical Gardening – Exploring Rhythms and Seasons
6. Creativity and Contemplative Gardening


5/24/2020 Virtual Prayer Services and Resources:

•Morning Prayer

Easter 7 Bulletin

•Children’s Chapel

•Children’s Church Lesson

•Contemplative Worship with Taizé Music

5/24/2020 Sunday’s poems from Mo. Danáe’s sermon

There have been some requests for the poems that Mo. Danáe used in her sermon this week, so we have attached them here for your convenience.  Click here or on the link above to view.


PDF: Rogation Days – St. Andrew’s 2020 – This is a document with historical information, plus two services you can do at home or in your neighborhood.

PDF: A Listening Walk – A combination of the adorable book by Paul Showers and the spirituality of reflecting with the five senses, this document can be brought with you for use in either of the liturgies we provided or on an every day family walk.


Permission to podcast/stream the music in our videos obtained from One License with licence #A-710-756.