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Wednesday, Jun 16th 2021

Are you interested in learning more about World Religions?

Drop into any Wednesday class in the series

St. Andrew’s will be offering a weekly class on World Religions using the Zoom platform this summer.  Parishioner, Rich Ater, has been involved in interfaith dialogue and activities for several years and is quite involved in the Seattle Interfaith Community Sanctuary.  He writes, “The world is growing smaller and closer, as it does so, it behooves us to get to know each other better. One way to do this is to learn about each other’s religions!”

Rich’s class will cover seven of the worlds religious movements, one per week, on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm and will continue each Wednesday evening through July 21st. 

Rich highly recommends that people obtain a copy of Huston Smith’s book, “The World Religions” and that they read the chapter pertaining to the religion of the week before class.  You can find the book online here The World’s Religions (

The class is designed so you can attend any session that interests you.  You are not required to commit yourself to the entire series. 

For further information on the World Religion Class, please contact Rich Ater at (this email address has been printed incorrectly in other recent publications, I apologize! This one is correct.).

…This racism is an old, sinful disease in the fabric of the United States that continues to murder the spirits and bodies of those who are created in God’s image. If we, as Christian people, believe in our baptismal covenant that we are to ‘seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving your neighbor as yourself’ and we are to ‘strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being’ then we have a mission to minister to and with those who are marginalized, those who are struggling, those who are mourning, and those who cry out for justice, repentance, and reconciliation….”

–Excerpt from St. Andrew’s Racial Justice and Reconciliation Statement written by Mo. Danáe Ashley.

•PDF: St. Andrew’s Racial Justice and Reconciliation Statement and Resources

Many of you have asked your clergy what you can do personally, as the St. Andrew’s community, and as the larger Episcopal Church in the United States. I have gathered together resources from the Presiding Bishop, our Diocesan Bishop, and other places to aid you in your discernment. Please click here or on the PDF linked above to view it.  I encourage you to begin with the foundation of prayer: pray for discernment about what God is specifically calling you to do in the midst of this. Pray for those who have been killed, wounded, hurt, and those who mourn, are angry, and feel helpless. Some of the resources are prayers if you do not know what to pray, including Kyrie: Repentance for Complicity with music by Kester Limner and Andy Myers and text by Laura Jean Truman. -Mo. Danáe

Past Wednesdays

Wednesday, 6/9/2021

Noonday Prayer with Mo. Danáe Ashley

Evening Prayer with Amanda Mitchell

Wednesday, 6/2/2021

Noonday Prayer with The Rev. Rebecca Kirkpatrick

Evening Prayer with Rich Ater

Wednesday, 5/26/2021

Noonday Prayer with Mo. Danáe Ashley

Evening Prayer with Theresa Newell and a special guest!

Wednesday, 5/19/2021

Noonday Prayer with Fr. Rich Weyls

Evening Prayer with Liz Santiago

Wednesday, 5/12/2021

Noonday Prayer with Mo. Danáe Ashley

Evening Prayer with Susan Wilbanks

Wednesday, 5/5/2021

Noonday Prayer with Rev. Rebecca Kirkpatrick

Evening Prayer with Karla Koon