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Wednesday, January 13th, 2021

This week’s Evening Prayer with Liz Santiago

STAR WORDS are back!

In this new year and this season after the Epiphany, as we discern those things that we want to lay at Jesus’ feet, like the magi – I (Mo. Danáe) want to gift you with your own star to follow as you go home another way, so-to-speak, on the road to where God is beckoning you. During the Epiphany Compline service reflection time on January 6, I prayed over and blessed our “star words” – one word on each star that you can use as a spiritual focus for 2021. If you would like me to pull a star word for you, please email me: by January 15.

I trust the Holy Spirit to move when I select a star at random for you. Once your star is chosen (or chooses you, as the Spirit would have it), write the word down at home and put it in a place where you can refer to it throughout the year—your refrigerator door, on a mirror, on your computer screen, in your prayer book or Bible, or whatever works. Look up its definition and see what strikes you. Notice your word in places and in conversations throughout the year. As you continue to reflect, it becomes a year-long conversation with God. If you are social media inclined, you can post about your star word throughout the year with the hashtag #standrewsseattlestarword. I hope this conversation with God on your journey of following the star will deepen your faith and bring you meaning this year.

…This racism is an old, sinful disease in the fabric of the United States that continues to murder the spirits and bodies of those who are created in God’s image. If we, as Christian people, believe in our baptismal covenant that we are to ‘seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving your neighbor as yourself’ and we are to ‘strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being’ then we have a mission to minister to and with those who are marginalized, those who are struggling, those who are mourning, and those who cry out for justice, repentance, and reconciliation….”

–Excerpt from St. Andrew’s Racial Justice and Reconciliation Statement written by Mo. Danáe Ashley.

•PDF: St. Andrew’s Racial Justice and Reconciliation Statement and Resources

Many of you have asked your clergy what you can do personally, as the St. Andrew’s community, and as the larger Episcopal Church in the United States. I have gathered together resources from the Presiding Bishop, our Diocesan Bishop, and other places to aid you in your discernment. Please click here or on the PDF linked above to view it.  I encourage you to begin with the foundation of prayer: pray for discernment about what God is specifically calling you to do in the midst of this. Pray for those who have been killed, wounded, hurt, and those who mourn, are angry, and feel helpless. Some of the resources are prayers if you do not know what to pray, including Kyrie: Repentance for Complicity with music by Kester Limner and Andy Myers and text by Laura Jean Truman. -Mo. Danáe

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Wednesday, 1/5/2021

Compline: Service of Light for Epiphany

PDF: Bulletin for Compline: Service of Light for Epiphany

St. Andrew’s Sing Along Christmas Carols!

Wednesday, 12/23/2020

PDF: An order of service for Noonday Prayer – Advent/Christmas

This week’s Weekday Morning Prayer with Liz Santiago

This week’s Noonday Prayer with Fr. Rich Weyls

This week’s Compline with Karla Koon

Wednesday, 12/16/2020

Weekday Morning Prayer with Liz Santiago

Noonday Prayer with Fr. Rich Weyls

Compline with Amanda Mitchell

Wednesday, 11/25/2020

Noonday Prayer with Fr. Rich Weyls

Evening Prayer with Liz Santiago