The Labyrinth

Walking the labyrinth can be a form of meditation or prayer. As parishioner Christine Sine has written:

“A labyrinth is a pattern with a purpose. It offers a chance to take “time out” from our busy lives, to leave schedules and stress behind. Walking a labyrinth is a gift we give to ourselves and is popular with a growing number of people because of its simplicity and the ability to approach its paths on your own terms.” Read more of Christine’s article on the labyrinth and prayer here.

St. Andrew’s outdoor Labyrinth can be found on the West (First Avenue) side of the church grounds. Individuals needing to retreat to a place for prayer, meditation, introspection and relaxation are invited to walk the labyrinth at any time.

Occasional events led by Labyrinth Coordinator, Donna Hawkins ( are scheduled throughout the year. You may contact Donna at any time with questions about the Labyrinth or to schedule a guided walk for yourself or your group.

Labyrinths in History

Walking The Labyrinth

Supporting The Labyrinth at St. Andrew’s