The Center

….space for healing, community and lifelong learning.

Because humans are part of many intersecting circles and because each individual is an important element in the whole, The Center seeks to provide services that help human beings grow into the fully alive individuals they were created to be and to take their places, to find their ministries, and to offer their service in the life of the faith community and the human family.

The Center at St. Andrew’s offers Centering Prayer and related practices, classes, workshops, Sunday morning forums, and special events, including guest speakers and occasional coffeehouses.

The Center welcomes everyone – regardless of faith background to all we have to offer, including:

You are invited to read a recent profile of The Center on the Diocese of Olympia web site. More information about what The Center is currently offering can be found in St. Andrew’s bi-weekly newsletter (The Log, or E-Log). If you are not currently receiving one of these publications then email or contact the parish.