Items for sale to benefit St. Andrew’s!

The Showcase Fundraising Shop at St. Andrew’s

Spring Jams & Jellies for Sale!

The famous jams and jellies of the St. Andrew’s Showcase continue to be available through Sherry Garman and Margo Smith!  We can do door to door delivery for certain showcase items, jams & jellies or you can make an appointment to pick them up at the church. Please email Natalie ( or call the parish office (206-523-7476 x301) and Natalie will forward your order to Sherry & Margo.

Build your own basket:
4 tiny samples $6
3 medium choices $12
3 large choices $ $18 

Zucchini Relish;  Rhubarb Jam;  Blackberry-Rhubarb;  Apple-Grape;  Strawberry;  Orange Marmalade;  Banana-Honey Jam;  Concord Grape jelly;  Raspberry-Cherry;  Raspberry Jam;  Carrot-Pineapple Marmalade;  Blueberry-Rhubarb;  Cherry-Pecan Preserve;  Blackberry-Concord Grape;  Strawberry-Blackberry Jam;  and Raspberry Jelly.

There will be more items posted for sale in the online fundraising shop soon! All sales currently serve as a fundraiser for St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church.

Steps to ordering:

  1. Scroll down and choose what items you would like: tea towel and or jam.
  2. Check-out–be sure to email nataliei@saintandrewsseattle to arrange a contactless pickup time at the church for your items.