The issue of racism is intimately connected to homelessness and poverty.


OneWorld at St. Andrew’s: Profile

The OneWorld group is a gathering of St. Andrew’s members who aspire to live out the social justice call of the Gospel.

We are committed to social justice education within our own group, and dedicated to sharing that information with St. Andrew’s at large.

We are also committed to activism—speaking our voice–inside and outside the parish. We are willing to add our voices to political issues that have a bearing on social justice.

We are also committed to personal prayer and spiritual disciplines which are called for by that education and activism. We also need to decide what role each of us will assume as a member of OneWorld—and then hold ourselves accountable for our part.

If we are successful in our education, activism, and disciplines, we hope to inspire others who seek their own social justice calling.

We have decided to focus our attention on the issue of homelessness. The issue of racism is intimately connected to homelessness and poverty. In the past, we have lent our efforts to immigration, living wage, hunger, globalization, and a number of other concerns. This coming year we will limit our concerns, and increase our impact.

We continue to explore the tools and resources already available to us and the parish. Homelessness is being addressed in our local community—by us and many other groups. We need to know how we can join with those groups (religious, governmental, non-profit) to support those efforts.

We have sponsored speakers and education series; individually and together, we have added our voices in community forums. We have had a retreats to assess our goals and plan action. We meet monthly virtually over Zoom due to Covid-19, and the date changes, so please contact us to get the link! We encourage other parish members to attend our meetings and share with us their concerns and perspectives.

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Solar Panels at St. Andrew’s

Look for updates and events on our facebook page. Contact person: David Newman.

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