Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday
Maundy Thursday Service LIVE on Zoom @ 7PM
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Concerning the Service
This Maundy Thursday service was designed for use in the home, around the dinner table (whatever shape that takes) and for virtual church online during a pandemic.


  1. A meatless meal is to be preferred. The setting should be austere and the foods sparse and simple. Appropriate foods include soup, cheese, olives, dried fruit, bread, and wine.
    1. If you wish to make it at home, a recipe for bread is on our St. Andrew’s website:
  2. Fifteen candles (real or battery operated) to represent Jesus’ followers. If you do not have fifteen, that is fine. You can use one candle to represent the twelve disciples and another one to represent the women mentioned.
    1. You may set up the candles around the room, on the table, or however you wish.
  3. One special candle to represent Jesus.
  4. Soap and water for washing or hand sanitizer. A small cloth for drying hands.
  5. If desired, those gathered should bring flowers, potted plants, beloved objects, and candles or other lights. A place to watch with Jesus (and a reminder of the Garden of Gethsemane) can be made with these things and those who feel so called spend an hour there at some point in the night reading scripture, praying, or simply keeping silent vigil. This can be a home altar, garden/plant area, or other designated place.
  6. Sacred poetry pertaining to the day, Holy Week, and the Passion of Christ may be prepared for reading.
  7. Cue up a TV, phone, computer, or other device that can access our YouTube channel for our music in the style of Taizé playlist:

This service draws from the Eucharistic tradition, but it is not a sacramental meal. We call it Eukharistía: Ancient Greek (εὐχαριστία), meaning “gratitude, giving of thanks”. And this we can and should do whenever we share the bounty of the earth!

All Christians are called to bless and so while this meal is not sacramental it includes blessings of the food and drink shared, and the people gathered.

Similarly, while the service mentions wine you should use whatever beverage makes sense for you and those gathered. In the ancient world wine was safe (when the water was not) and was a staple. Using a beverage that is a staple of your dinner table is always acceptable.

The service has been written so that various parts can be shared out among those present—please include children who are present in the reading and leading!

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We would also like highlight the fact that people without internet or computers can call in and participate!  We know those that don’t use the internet or computers aren’t receiving this email–but we hope that if you know someone we’ve missed in this way, you can help them out with these directions!

Here is how it’s done:

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