St. Andrew’s Sacred Grounds

Welcome to St. Andrew’s Sacred Grounds; a place for prayer, meditation, introspection and relaxation. Found on the west side (First Avenue side) of the church, the Sacred Grounds includes a Columbarium – sacred ground for the remains of parishioners, a six-circuit Chartres-type labyrinth for all to use as well as an organic garden. Together, these spaces provide a place for the congregation and the community at large to encounter the Holy Spirit through meeting with each other, through involvement with the natural world as a part of creation, and through communication with the mystery of the Holy Spirit that informs our life.

St. Andrew’s Sacred Grounds came about as a result of the 2014 Capital Campaign. A design team was assembled, and a Sacred Grounds Master Plan was created and adopted (a drawing showing all elements of new Master Plan, including a labyrinth here). In 2016, St. Andrew’s new columbarium and labyrinth were completed.

The Columbarium was consecrated in November 2016 and the Labyrinth dedicated in August 2018.

The Columbarium

The Labyrinth

The Organic Garden