Facility Rental

All in-person public worship services, meetings, ministries, rentals and gatherings at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church are cancelled, effective immediately. This closure will continue until it can be re-evaluated using information from the relevant government and ecclesiastical authorities available at that time.

In the meantime, we are still able to gather as a community for prayer and individual reflection. Please explore this website, especially under the Virtual Church tab, to find out all that St. Andrew’s is doing and all you can participate in during the Covid-19 closures.

When it is safe to gather again in person, St. Andrew’s will be slowly resuming rental of our facilities on a case by case basis.

St. Andrew’s Church celebrates weddings, funerals and memorials. If you would like more information about these services, please contact the Rev. Rich Weyls, Rector at 206-523-7476, ext. 302.

Saint Andrew’s is committed to making its facilities available to users and groups whose activities are consistent with the social and moral teachings of the Episcopal Church of the United States and the mission, vision, and values of Saint Andrew’s parish. We encourage the use of our facilities for the purpose of educating, informing, and developing individuals and communities subject to our terms of use and payment of such fees as the Vestry may deem necessary for the upkeep and maintenance of such facilities. The parish reserves the right to restrict or deny use of its facilities for partisan political purposes, political fundraising, campaigns, or advocacy for or against any candidate, political party, issue, or elected official. The Vestry directs the Rector or priest-in-charge to exercise full and final authority over all decisions regarding appropriate use of its facilities.

To inquire about availability, please email our Parish Administrator Natalie Ingrisano at nataliei@saintandrewsseattle.org, or call the parish office 206-523-7476 X301.

Download rental agreement here.