Church School 2019-2020


Preschool through 5th grade Church School begins on September 15th at 10AM in the Chapel and then will have separate classroom time: Preschool to 2nd grade (education wing, downstairs) and 3rd grade to 5th grade (education wing, upstairs) until the Peace when we will join the congregation for the Eucharist.

Nursery for 0 to 3 years old is available every Sunday.

Fall Calendar
Sept 15:  Separation of the Water (Gen 1)
Sept 22 Parting of the Sea (Exodus 14)
Sept 29: Baptism of Jesus (Matthew 3)
Oct 6: Calming of the Storm (Mark 4)
Oct 13: Creation Day: Indigenous Peoples Day
Oct 20: Chapel Celtic Celebration
Oct 27: Manna & Quail (Exodus 16)
Nov 3: Creation Day: All Saints Day
Nov 10: Feeding of the 5,000 (Mark 6)
Nov 17: Rest for the Land (Leviticus 25)
Nov 24: Parable of the Sower (Mark 4)
Dec 1: Creation Day: Advent Wreaths
Dec 8: Advent II
Dec 15: Advent III
Dec 22: Advent IV
Dec 29: Holiday Children’s Chapel

A huge thank you to all of the nursery staff, teachers, and support staff who make this a wonderful place for our parish’s children to learn and grow!

Theresa Burciaga
Elizabeth Darlington
David Derse
Anna Forsyth
Rebeca Kirkpatrick
Carrie Littauer
Sandra Mackey

AnnaLisa Conserti-Jones
Simon Gibson Penrose
Stella Newman
Finn Pettit

Creation Days
Charlie Burton
Suzann Daley

Support Staff
Gail Alverson
Leila Kurugu
Pamella Hicks
Laura James
Kathie McLeod
Ali Santiago
Ella Santiago
Sydnie Sliker
Margo Smith

For more information, please email Rebecca: or call: 206-523-7476, ext 303