Capital Campaign Update

Below are updates on the projects included in our 2014 Capital Campaign

Solar Panels
We are reducing the carbon footprint of our church and effectively using our resources. Read more here.

Kitchen Upgrade
We have installed a new state of the art dishwasher for events and ministries.

Mentzer House Office Building Remodel
We have remodeled to make our main floor bathrooms accessible & family friendly, and created storage for technology, Altar Guild, and janitorial supplies.

Sacred Grounds Landscape and Garden Projects
We have enhanced our grounds with a columbarium and a labyrinth.

St. Stephen’s in Nagiwoko, Uganda
We have funded scholarships & a new sanitary facility for our Sister Church. Read more here.

Technology Upgrades
We have purchased new printers and computers.

Brighton House
We have upgraded this rental home. Read about the history of Brighton House here.

Read more about our 2014 Capital Campaign here.