Be a Blessing to All the Families of the Earth: A Special Retreat with Rabbi Rami Shapiro

1-2-3 Blessing: Be a Blessing to All the Families of the Earth

Rabbi Rami Shapiro, a popular and nationally known speaker and author will offer a three-day program at St. Andrew’s on the theme of being a blessing in this world that will lighten your heart and give you hope!

Tuesday Evening, April 9; Rabbi Shapiro will give an open lecture entitled Perennial Wisdom in the nave. He will discuss the deepest truths that many religions share.

Wednesday, April 10, Thursday Morning, April 11: Rabbi Shapiro will lead a day and a half workshop entitled 1-2-3 Blessing: Be A Blessing to All the Families of the Earth. The workshop will delve into this spiritual teaching more deeply and explore perennial wisdom from the mystic heart of the world’s religions. To borrow from Torah, you are here to “be a blessing to all the families of the earth [human and otherwise]” (Genesis 12:3)–to make the world a little more joyous, free, and loving for your having been born into it.

Tuesday Evening Lecture – Perennial Wisdom: $25.00 (seniors and students: $15.00)
Be a Blessing Retreat Only: $140.00 (seniors and students: $115.00)
Retreat and Tuesday Evening Lecture: $150.00 (seniors and students: $125.o0)

Purchase tickets and register at: (Enter 4092750 or 1-2-3 Blessing in the search line)

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