Taizé Prayer

A Letter of Thanks from Fr. Terry Steig

St. Andrew’s Taizé Prayer Community
111 NE 80th Street
Seattle, Washington 98115

May 27, 2018

My Dear St. Andrew’s Taizé Friends,

I want to thank from the bottom of my heart all who participated in hosting last night’s potluck meal to thank me as I retire from St. Andrew’s. Those who were able to attend were so kind and generous. You spoke beautifully about our Taizé ministry together, and I so appreciated all your kind words to me.

Many of you also participated in the generous gift card to Sweet Maria’s Home Coffee Roasting. As some of you know, I have a hobby of roasting coffee with my well used home roaster. I buy almost all my “green” (unroasted) coffee beans from Sweet Maria’s in Oakland, a wholesaler of fine coffee from all over the world. The gift card will help me purchase plenty of great coffee. Thank you for your wonderful generosity.

Some of you gave me personal notes. Many of you also wrote messages on a beautiful hand-painted card of the sanctuary of Taizés Church of Reconciliation with its red and orange sails ascending like prayer into the dwelling place of God. I will cherish this card for the rest of my life.

Our weekly Taizé Prayer at St. Andrew’s is more than simply a time to pray. It is our weekly renewal time during which we re-center ourselves in God’s Spirit so that we can go back out into our complex lives to carry on the daily mission of helping people reconcile with themselves, with others and with God. This reconciliation is at the heart of the work of the brothers of Taizé, and I believe that desire to reconcile all things flows from the very heart of God. If we seek to be reconciled ourselves, then we are invited to offer that same reconciling love to others.

Thank you for being the best pray-ers ever who join in singing along in the hum of God’s Spirit. I hope sometime in the future to rejoin you in the prayer and music and song of Taizé. Until then, I will pray for you every day — and please pray for me — that God’s beckoning love will be with you, and remain with you forever!

Fr. Terry Steig

Taizé Prayer

If you’re looking for Taizé in Seattle, St. Andrew’s offers a weekly Taizé service with singing, scripture reading, a short reflection on scripture, and time for meditative prayer.
Taize communionThis is a welcoming service open to anyone who would like to experience this beautiful style of worship including communion and healing prayer.

Sundays 6:00 pm at St. Andrew’s
111 N.E. 80th Street, Seattle, WA 98115

For more information, call Ruby or Fr. Terry at 206-523-7476.

What can I expect at a Taizé Service?
pray offerings at the altar
Taizé prayer service is held every Sunday evening in the sanctuary at St. Andrew’s, where candles are lit and the pace slows down. The Taizé service is attended by adults of all ages from within and outside the St. Andrew’s community. People who attend Taizé are drawn to listen to God speaking to them through silence, scripture reading and short reflection, communion and healing prayer. However, Taizé singing is perhaps the essential element of the service. The simple, meditative songs are repeated several times as they begin to sing themselves and become a part of the worshiper’s soul. The Taizé service offers a spiritual experience that many finding missing in their personal lives or in their traditional worship services. And perhaps most of all, people feel a welcoming presence in this local Taizé community, as well as a deep connection that brings them together as a people of God.

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To learn more about the Taizé service and the Taizé community, please visit: http://www.taize.fr/en