caring creating connectinPlease join our 2017 Stewardship Campaign.  Please fill out a pledge form and return it by mail or in person.

We enter the stewardship season with the symbol of a colorful tree with roots stretching into the earth. Like a tree, our community at St. Andrew’s is a living body grounded, connected, and sharing the life giving richness of the earth, the sun, the rain and God’s love. We find ourselves serving in ministry to each other and our broader community through the various branches of St. Andrew’s.

We work toward being who we truly are – a church of over 60 ministries that speak to our beliefs about our God, our community and our planet. We are mindful of our duty to maintain the health and vitality of these ministries, our members, and our physical surroundings.

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You may also make a pledge using this form: Pledge form for 2017

Thank you for your faithful commitment to St. Andrew’s.

St. Andrew’s Stewardship Committee
Will Lewis, Cathy Jeannotte, Karla Koon, Carolyn Rodenberg