Organic Vegetable Garden

Read an August 11, 2016 article about our organic garden and feeding ministries titled “A growing vision in Seattle’s Green Lake neighborhood” here.

Watch a video about our organic garden:

In 2016, St. Andrew’s was awarded a $500 Green Grant from the Bishop’s Committee for the Environment to offset most of the costs of its drip irrigation system. Read about our new drip irrigation system here.

Join our regular Friday summer work parties from 1 to 5 pm. Volunteers welcome for any Friday and any amount of time. Skip these dates: 6/3, 7/29, 8/5 and 8/12. Have questions or want to let the gardeners know you plan to be there? email J.B. Hoover.

This ministry has been in place since 2007 and has transformed the church and community in several ways.

1) 100% of the church yard waste (aside from weeds gone to seed) is composted on site and used in our gardening activities to produce food.

2) About 15% of the food waste produced is harvested on site and used in gardening activities.

Mustard greens in kitchen3) About 400 lbs of fresh produce from the garden is used in the food ministry of the church. Most is used in our monthly Jubilee dinners for needy folks and the rest is used in other events and given to volunteers, some of whom are church members and some are not. It has transformed the Jubilee dinners by improving the quality of the meal we serve. We now plan meals with Jubilee cooks and provide produce to their request. When necessary we will harvest, process and preserve (usually freeze) produce from the garden to be used at Jubilee dinners at a later date. Since it is organic and very fresh, the quality and taste are better than we could get from buying, plus there is virtually no carbon footprint.

The garden has also served as a model for other houses of worship. Groups like Earth Ministry and Seattle Tilth’s Food and Faith Initiative and the Bishop’s Committee for the Environment like to have their meetings and activities here so they can get ideas for members. The St. Andrew’s garden has also received grants, most recently $1000 from Seattle Tilth for materials to construct a large gravity fed composting system that will further demonstrate optimal use of limited campus space and use of local resources.

St. Andrew’s Vacation Bible School and Sunday School Classes have also spent time in the organic vegetable garden.  In the greater community, we have teamed up with iLEAP (located in Wallingford section of Seattle) to offer hands on experience in urban agriculture for a number of their groups. The Garden ministry has also teamed up with the Center at St. Andrew’s to offer components of some of the training programs they offer.


Garden work parties take place most Friday afternoons. Contact JB Hoover to volunteer in the garden.
Jubilee Supper is held the last Sunday of each month at 2 pm. Contact Deacon Eric Stroo to volunteer in this feeding ministry.

Our Partners

Earth Ministry
Bishop’s Committee for the Environment
Seattle Tilth’s Food and Faith Initiative
Mustard Seed Associates
Little Sisters of St. Claire