Creation Keepers

Solar panels installed February 2015

If you are interested in participating or learning more about Creation Keepers, please contact:

St. Andrew’s is a Greening Congregation in partnership with Earth Ministry, a local non-profit organization committed to engaging the Christian community in environmental stewardship. Creation Keepers seeks to increase the focus of care for God’s creation in St. Andrew’s facilities, programs & worship, as well as encourage & support individuals in taking steps in their personal lives towards a more sustainable future.

Some of the initiatives Creation Keepers is currently supporting include:

Our organic vegetable garden supplements our food ministry by providing fresh produce for our monthly Jubilee dinners. Creation Keepers provides for on-site composting.

Creation Keepers has received grants from Seattle Public Utilities to develop a robust recycling, on-site composting & waste management system and from Seattle’s Office of Sustainability and Environment to support parishioners’ efforts to reduce energy use in homes.

Read more about St. Andrew’s commitment to the Genesis covenant here.

Read the text of a recent forum on Climate Change by The Rev. Richard Gillett here.

Carbon Neutral Partnership with the Diocese of Southern Philippines

carbon offset buttonIn an effort to meet our goal of carbon neutrality, many members of the Diocese are contributing to its Carbon Offset partnership with the Diocese of Southern Philippines. If you are planning a vacation, you may want to offset some of the carbon inherent in a long trip of any kind by making a donation at the link below. One of the main efforts of the Diocese of Southern Philippines is reforestation of vast clear cut areas which will then absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, helping to offset the carbon dioxide produced through burning of fossil fuels. Click here to read about the Carbon Offset Cooperative Mission with Diocese of S. Philippines.

Links to Opportunities for Community & Personal Initiatives