Niches in St. Andrew’s Columbarium are available for purchase

Blessing columbarium

The Rt. Rev. Greg Rickel, Bishop of the Diocese of Olympia, and the Rev. Terry Steig at the Columbarium blessing.

A columbarium is a place for final rest of cremated remains. Our columbarium has 128 niches or spaces for urns containing cremated remains. Cremation is in accord with Episcopal Church teaching. Our columbarium was blessed by the Rt. Rev. Greg Rickel, Bishop of the Diocese of Olympia in 2016.

The purchase price is $2,000 per niche, which may be paid in twelve equal monthly installments. The purchase price includes up to two interment rights and two inscriptions. It does not include any cremation services or urns. Each niche may contain the remains of one or two persons.

Who can buy a niche in the St. Andrew’s Columbarium?
Current and former members of St. Andrew’s and their families are eligible to purchase the right to use a niche in the columbarium.

Does the person buying the niche need to belong to the Episcopal Church?
There are no restrictions as to the creed of buyers or persons whose cremated remains may be inurned.

Niche size
The total space within each niche is approximately one cubic foot, 12” x 12” x 12”.  Please keep that in mind when selecting an urn.  Your funeral director can assist you in making an appropriate choice. Cremation of the deceased is the responsibility of the surviving family. St. Andrew’s will provide the nameplate and affix it when it is completed.

The only inscription permitted on a niche is a standardized inscription with name and dates. Additional lines will incur additional costs. Flowers may be used at the time of interment but will be removed following the service.

Can I choose a certain niche?
The right to select an individual niche shall be based on the order in which applications are received and paid for.

Who organizes the interment service?
It is the responsibility of the user, the user’s family or heirs to make arrangements with the parish clergy for inurnment services in accord with religious affiliation of the deceased.

Additional Options at St. Andrew’s Columbarium

Common urn
The purchase price of the right for interment in the common urn of mixed ashes is $300. Cremation of the deceased is the responsibility of the surviving family. St. Andrews will cover the cost of having the name of the person being placed in the common urn engraved on the plaque listing the names of those interred.

Pet ossuary
St. Andrew’s also offers a common burial site for pet ashes. There is no charge but donations for upkeep of the site are appreciated.

Please contact the Rev. Rich Weyls, Rector, at 206.523.7476 ext. 302 or email