Capital Campaign

In 2014, as a parish, we pledged $582,000 towards our Caring, Connecting, Creating Capital Campaign. The campaign will extend through 2017, so there is still time to pledge! To add your pledge to this effort, contact the church office at or call 206-523-7476 or pay online.

Here is the breakdown of vestry-approved projects to be funded by the Capital Campaign showing the total funding and the amount allocated this year.

  1. Outreach – $52,000 (Transitional Housing – $37,000, Uganda support – $15,000) 2014 funding – $21,000. Read an update on Uganda here.
  2. Solar Power – $40,000, This project is complete. Read more about our new solar panels here.
  3. Mentzer House office building improvements including a new roof – $127,600, 2014 funding – $37,600. The roof project has been completed.
  4. Sacred Grounds including an outdoor labyrinth and a columbarium – $152,000, 2014 funding – $22,500. A columbarium committee has begun visiting other sites and collecting needed information. A labyrinth committee is working with labyrinth artist Dan Niven on the plans to be presented to the congregation. A new cement block wall between the playground and the 1st Ave house was rebuilt to prepare for a new seating area in the playground and for construction of a gravity fed composting system along that fence line, below the back parking lot. Our newly expanded vegetable garden has included lettuce, berries, onions, peas, three types of beans, cukes, tomatoes and delicata, zucchini, and pumpkin squash. The St. Andrews vineyard is now in its fourth season, and the grapes look very good. This may be the year for the first batch of communion wine. The native/low water use perennial plantings and transplants in the meditation garden are doing well in their first year and beginning to fill in nicely.
  5. Other improvements, campaign costs, technology upgrades, construction manager fees – $158,400, 2014 funding – $59,200.

What does this mean for our church family? In a big sense we are actively living the word of God. We are taking care of our church grounds and presenting them to the world as a beautiful place to sit, pray, play, wonder or even wander (think . . . labyrinth!). Together, we are all engaged as stewards of our church’s buildings and grounds. Thank you for your stewardship.